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HR Policies

Please read through our HR policies below…

Travel Procedure


In your role as a peripatetic teacher you will be required to drive on a regular basis.

The City Council has a driver policy which you should read in full on appointment.

Prior to commencing driving the following documents must be checked by the Business Support Team and thereafter on an annual basis:

  • Driving License
  • Insurance Policy which must include Business Insurance
  • A current MOT certificate

All PAS staff are entitled to claim car mileage between their schools. This is paid at 45 pence per mile and is claimed for by the member of staff using Resource Link.

The criteria for claiming a journey is:-

  • Claims must be between teaching only
  • Journeys from home to your first school or from your last school to home cannot be claimed.
  • Should you have large gaps between your teaching, you can still only claim between your teaching

You must keep all VAT petrol receipts as these will be required in order to make a claim (see below). The receipt must be either 30 days before your first date on a claim or 30 days after your last date of claim.

Once you have input your claim onto Resource Link you need to scan your receipt and email to: The receipt should include your name, date and claim number. Save your scanned receipt on your computer for reference.

What is Resource Link?

Resource Link is a HR programme introduced by the City Council which give both individuals and Line Managers a variety of functions to access/complete online.

Options include viewing payslips, claiming overtime, book training, recording sickness and making variations to staff hours as and when required along with claiming expenses such as mileage.

To set yourself up on Resource Link click here

Once set up on Resource Link you are then able to make a claim. Please follow the instructions

Career Break

Career Break

Coventry City Council operates a Career Break Scheme, which gives staff the opportunity to take an extended break (2 – 6 years) from work.

The scheme can be used for bringing up children, care for other family members or to pursue long term, full-time study.

To find out more about the scheme please contact the CPA office or call 024 7678 8575 and further details will be sent to you.

Paternity Leave

Paternity Leave

Coventry City Council recognises that employees may wish to take time off to support the mother of the baby or look after the baby.

The scheme applies to all employees who meet the agreed criteria and is a statuary requirement entitling employees to one or two weeks entitlement

Eligibility requirements include

  • Being the biological father of the baby or the mother’s husband or partner
  • Have or expect to have responsibility for the baby’s up bringing

For further details about the scheme including the criteria or details of how to apply for paternity leave, please contact the CPA office at email address or telephone number 024 7678 8575

Maternity Leave

Information to follow – please email us for further details at

Emergency Leave

Information to follow – please email us for further details at

IT Usage

Our IT Usage policy can be downloaded here


To read our smoking policy please click here

Mobile phone

Information to follow – please email us for further details at