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Completion of registers

PAS Teachers are required to complete registers for all of their teaching

There are 3 types of register that are to be used for Whole Class, Instrumental and Performance Groups.

The whole class register is used for your Wider Opportunities, Class Band, Curriculum Support and PPA cover. For these sessions the School is still responsible for the individual student registers. You need to complete these registers to clarify your attendance at the school. Therefore we require you to record the school and if you attended, did not attend and if you did not attend why did you not attend. These attendance records enable us to monitor the number of delivered sessions, sessions cancelled due to the school and sessions cancelled due to PAS issues eg Sickness, Car problem etc..

This information allows us to plan cover and ensure bills are correct to schools.

The instrumental register and Performance Group Registers are used for monitoring pupil attendance, as well as teacher attendance.

As the instrumental tuition and performance group are not within the classroom environment it is essential the register is taken from a Child Safeguarding perspective. This is a record that the pupil was present at the scheduled time so this needs to be completed during attendance and not retrospectively. These registers are essential should you need to evacuate the building and ensuring all your students are present

When running a PAS Performance Group, the Service is responsible for all areas of Child Protection including Emergencies. As a result these are printed with the contact details and therefore the register should be taken at the beginning of the group and it should remain accessible throughout the group.

When new starters begin at Performance Groups the names and contact details should be added immediately in case of an emergency.

Registers for Performance Groups are provided termly by Business Support and are based on the enrolment and leaver information received.

It is essential for all the registers taken they are accurate. PAS are regularly challenged by schools and parents as to why sessions are not delivered and therefore the accurate recording of absences is essential, and therefore following the absence codes and using the Notes is essential, this both prevents complaint but also enables us to resolve invoice queries.

Failure to complete accurate registers can lead to payroll deductions if attendance cannot be confirmed.

Registers should be returned to the office termly for checking and spot checks may be carried out from time to time.

At the end of each term please ensure that a copy of each register is given to the office.