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World Music

PAS is available to support your school with projects from around the world through both Music and Dance. Why not launch your projects with a themed assembly or presentation?

Asian Music

A great opportunity to learn Asian instruments. You can learn to play Sitar, Tabla, and Harmonium.

All abilities are welcome. Any further enquiries please email or call 024 7678 8578 or why not drop in to one of our sessions.

•  Introductions to festivals and celebrations such as Diwali
•  Presentations of traditional Indian stories, e.g. Rama and Sita
•  Seasonal presentations such as Holi (Spring Festival) and Vasakhi
•  Traditional or theme-based Indian music & instruments
•  Links to Book Weeks
•  Language and Cultural celebrations
•  Support for Black History Month (October)
•  Follow up workshops with smaller groups of classes (e.g. drumming, song, drama & dance)

African Drumming

The djembe is a wooden drum played with bare hands – the word djembe can be translated as ‘gather everyone’.

Djembe lessons will allow your children to enjoy the exciting and infectious sounds of these West African Drums.

The music is built from varied timbres and rhythms led by a master drummer (teacher) using call and response patterns. Using authentic handmade instruments and genuine African rhythms, pupils learn to play the pulsating grooves and layered textures that are West African Drumming.

Having mastered the technique and characteristic rhythms, pupils have the enjoyable experience of learning to create their own.

Steel Pans

•    Bring a touch of the Caribbean to your classroom
•    Discover an instrument you can be playing a basic melody on in minutes.
•    This workshop will show you the basic playing techniques.
•    Learn about the history of pan, and discover how it can be used to create melody, harmonies and rhythm.
•    Whatever your favourite style of music, it can be played on steel pans.

Samba Band

Although Samba is a form of music this workshop looks at the Brazilian percussive form.

Using a three stage teaching method you will progress through vocal rhythm to body percussion and finally transferring this to a range of percussive instruments.

Learning simple rhythmic patterns which combine to create a final performance piece, along the way exploring rhythm, dynamics and structure.

A style of music that can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities.

Come along and join the Carnival!

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