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Wider Opportunities

Whole-Class Instrumental Programme
Helping schools to deliver the National Plan for Music Education

“Rhythm is the soul of life. The whole universe revolves in rhythm. Everything and every human action revolves in rhythm.”  Baba Tunji

 What is Wider Opportunities?

•    A programme of whole-class instrumental tuition.

•    A PAS specialist working alongside the class teacher to deliver the Music National Curriculum.

•    One hour a week per class over 34 weeks for one year group.

•    A range of instruments and ensembles to choose from



KS 2
Mini Steel Pans
World Percussion Exploration (including Mini Steel Pan, Djembe and Samba – call for more details)

Brass Band
String Orchestra
Wind Band









There will be a limited number of Trombone, Flute and Clarinet projects available for Y5 and Y6 only, due to the nature of the instrument.  Please do telephone for advice as the instrument choice needs to be tailored to the needs of your school and pupils.  Please arrange a meeting with a member of our Senior Management Team to discuss.

** Some instruments may be subject to availability, so will be supplied on a first come first serve basis

  • All resources and instruments are provided by PAS at a cost of £1050 per class per annum (a saving of £565 per year based upon Curriculum Support Teaching).

 New for 2016-17

Wider Opportunities Progression Groups

CPA recognises that students benefit from additional lessons and how it can increase the pace of learning and retain interest. We are therefore offering FREE progression groups in Spring and Summer term. These are designed to supplement the children’s weekly lesson by giving them another 45 minutes per week as part of a Breakfast, Lunchtime or After School group.

These can be cross year group and where applicable utilise more than one type instrument.

Book early to ensure you retain your regular teacher or contact the CPA office on 024 7678 8575 or email

“The national curriculum for music aims to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument”  (National Curriculum in England DFE September 2013)

What are the benefits?

  • Improved pupil confidence, concentration, self-discipline and teamwork.
  • A positive impact on all pupils, including those with challenging behaviour or Special Educational Needs.
  • Weekly professional development for the class teacher and greater confidence in delivering music lessons: the programme has been shown to be most effective where the class teacher takes a full and active part in the lessons.
  • Inclusive nature of the lessons: all pupils, regardless of ability will be enabled to take part.
  • Helps to identify musically talented pupil

The Curriculum

  • The programme is delivered alongside the class room teacher, who will be expected to involve themselves in each activity and support the CPA teacher in delivering the lesson.
  • The Wider Opportunities Programme will deliver the Music National Curriculum to your class, giving opportunities for performing and composing, listening and appraising.
  • Pupils will learn how to look after their instrument, demonstrate effective posture and technique.
  • Pupils will show control in producing a clear sound, maintaining a steady pulse, vary dynamics (loud and quiet) and achieve a fluency in their performance.
  • Pupils will learn the concepts of pitch (high and low sounds), basic structure, appropriate notation and vocabulary, and will develop an awareness of mood in the music.
  • Pupils’ listening skills will be developed through the use of games and exercises and they will be exposed to music of different styles and cultures.
  • Pupils will learn how to give a performance and how to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a performance. They will rehearse and make suggestions for improvement and will be given the opportunity to record their work.
  • The CPA will support and provide enhanced performance opportunities including an annual Wider Opportunities Festival.

What happens at the end of the year’s tuition?

In order to ensure progression, we have a number of opportunities for pupils to continue with tuition after one year, and to join one of the PAS ensembles.

Any questions?

Please call one of our Senior Management Team on 024 7678 8575 to discuss your individual school requirements, or to find out more about our Wider Opportunities Programme.


To book this course please fill out our booking form here

Or contact the CPA office:
Phone: 02476 788575