School Zone Music, Dance and Drama

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

All schools looking to set up any tuition with Coventry Performing Arts must sign up to a SLA
There are two parts to the SLA

  1. The Coventry Music SLA document FINAL under which CPA operates. It also sets out details of what a school trading with CPA can expect from us and also what we expect from the school in order that we can work in partnership with the school to deliver a high quality learning experience to students.
  1. The second part sets out details of the tuition booked. This includes:
  • Type of Work Booked
  • How Often the sessions will be delivered
  • Terms the work will be delivered
  • Start Date for each term
  • Number of Sessions in the term
  • Duration of the Session
  • Total time delivered in the term
  • Cost Per Term
  • Total cost for each work type
  • Total Cost of the SLA

Both of these documents should be signed and returned before tuition commences

For a full list of our charges please Coventry Music Service SLA Price list 201718 FINAL.

Work is invoiced on a termly basis in the following months


September – School Activities eg Wider Opportunities, Curriculum Support, Ensembles

November – Instrumental Teaching


January – All Tuition


April – All tuition

Should you wish to increase tuition time, request new work or want a project/workshop delivering you will need to complete a supplementary SLA Form

Additional work requested via the supplementary form will be invoiced as follows:

Requested Autumn 1 – Invoiced November
Requested Autumn 2 – Invoiced January
Requested Spring – Invoiced April
Requested Summer – Invoiced July


As CPA relies on its traded income it is essential all invoices are paid on time. Please contact us for a copy of our Aged Debt policy.

Any queries relating to SLA’s should be emailed to