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Primary Drama

Coventry Performing Arts offers tailor made drama provision to suit your specific needs. We can deliver one off workshops/Arts weeks or regular weekly sessions. These sessions can work in a number of ways; they may be embedded within the curriculum, or offer valuable PPA cover. In addition to our work that supports your curriculum topic we can also offer help to you school with performances, class assemblies, open days or school productions.

Teacher Information

In our drama workshops the children will gain knowledge, skills and understanding of their curriculum topic using the artistic practice of drama. The children will adopt, create and sustain a range of roles and respond appropriately to others. There will be the opportunity to improvise and devise using a range of stimulus as a starting point, including music, pictures, stories, poems, songs and facts.  Opportunities to perform will be part of every session and peer-to-peer feedback will be encouraged.  Exercises we use reflect the importance of spoken word and body language as well as listening skills. We aim to build the children’s confidence and provide a fun and nurturing environment to think imaginatively and share ideas both verbally and practically. The drama we create could be used as part of a class assembly or larger scale performance.
Please note, all topics can be made appropriate for both KS1 and KS2.



Drama sessions cost £47.50 per hour 

Work can be booked in various formats

Arts Weeks

6 week Projects

Termly Project

Whole Year


Time Travellers

Go back in time to discover what life was like in a different era.
• Tudor
• Victorians
• Aztecs
• Romans
• Greeks
• Egyptians

We will explore:
• Family Life
• Housing
• Industry
• Education
• Inventions
• Recreation
• Important People
• Play traditional games from the time
• Use famous stories from the time as a starting point to create drama.
• Perform poems about the time.
• Explore famous people living in the era and use their characters in role play.
• Use the language of the era in drama scenes.


Indulge in everything chocolate. From bean to bar we will discover the wonders of our favourite treat.

  • Find out about how the Aztecs first made chocolate.
  • Design and create your own TV advert for a new chocolate bar.
  • Discover the facts and then interview a cocoa farmer about their lifestyle the journey chocolate goes on from bean to bar
  • Create a rap about the benefits of fair trade chocolate. Incorporate percussion instruments and dance to bring your rap to life.
  • Use themes from the Christian Easter Story to devise your own moral led playlet, Betrayal, Suffering, Forgiveness, Victory.
  • Get the imaginations going as you create a brand new room in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. What type of chocolate will the room produce and what might the consequences be of eating this chocolate without permission.

Fables, Myths and Legends

(Stories from around the world)

Bring to life stories drawn from many cultures and traditions. We will explore:
• The difference between a Fable, a Myth and a Legend.
• How using a moral can structure a story.
• How we can use the structure of these stories to create our own.
• The types of characters commonly used in these stories.
• Which are the most famous Myths and Legends.
• Pandora’s Box
• The sword and the stone
• Theseus and Minotaur
• The story of Gelet
• Godiva
• Robin Hood
• King Arthur
• A Myth or Legend can be chosen by the school


Come with us on a journey through the amazing rainforest with its hundreds of animals and plants, in a climate that is so different to our own.

  • Use movement and choral speaking to perform the poem ‘Dream of the forest wild’.
  • Listen to the story ‘Fern’s rainforest adventure’ and devise how you would like the story to continue and end.
  • Set up a debate with two teams. One for the cutting down of trees in the rainforest and one against.
  • Create a verbal appeal to save the rainforest.
  • Explore the movements and sounds of different animals and how they may interact with each other and even people.
  • Create a rainforest soundscape using voice and percussion instruments.

Discovering Shakespeare

The CPA provide workshops with an active, playful approach to Shakespeare’s plays using practical techniques to help children tune into the language, characters and stories.
We endeavor to tap into imaginations and ignite curiosity in a fun, stimulating and memorable way, with performance at the core. All workshops will explore: Language • Themes • Character

We can tailor workshop/s to classes and schools individual needs and interests.  With a focus on particular text/themes/characters if required.

CPA staff are happy to discuss workshop plans prior to sessions. We can offer any number of workshops that can work towards a performance/sharing.

Character exploration

•    Kings and Queens
•    Fairies, Ghosts and Monsters
•    Villains and Heroes
•    Maids and Messengers

Common Themes

•    Revenge
•    Magic
•    Love
•    Conflict
•    Madness
•    Treachery
•    Appearance and Reality
•    Death
•    Reconciliation


Ahoy Landlubbers! All aboard for a stormy boat ride where we will meet some of the most notorious pirates.

  • Create a treasure map of clues that will then be followed by your classmates.
  • Use some pirate lingo within a pirate scene of your own.
  • Hot seat famous pirates such as ‘Blackbeard’, ‘Bartholomew Roberts’ and ‘Anne Bonny’ about their lives.
  • Re-enact pirate stories such as ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Peter Pan’.
  • Explore poems written about pirates and try writing one of your own.
  • Sing a pirate song and make some moves like a buccaneer.


Discover both the wonders and hardships of African life.

We will explore:

• The history of the slave trade
• The life story and achievements of Nelson Mandela
• The day in the life of an African child
• African safari animals
• Traditions
• Life living in a tribe
• African dance, music, song

Other suggested topics (previously delivered)

For more information on how we intend on delivering any of the topics please contact the CPA. We can include any of your suggestions in our lesson planning. All planning will have direct links to the national curriculum.

• Shakespeare
• Environment
• Space
• The Great Fire of London
• Under the sea
• Toys
• Transport
• Weather
• A carnival of animals
• Mini-beasts
• Anti-bullying
• Themes of War (Explore in greater depth the themes surrounding WW1 and WW2 or alternatively explore the theme of ‘peace and reconciliation’)

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