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Pick & Mix Dance

Pick and Mix Dance is a useful and handy tool for teachers to decide and choose dance ideas and topics for their classes. The teachers can utilize the curriculum cards to tailor and design to what works best for them. The popular themes are specifically designed to work in Key Stage 1 or 2 and to any time length that suits the school. The flexibility and assorted nature of the cards will enable the teacher and the CPA teaching artist to design a program that is best suited for the children’s needs and the school.

The Pick & Mix Dance themes are

•    KS1 – Senses
•    Flowers and Insects
•    Mythical Creatures
•    Fire Fire!
•    Significant People in the Midlands
•    KS2 – Mission to Mars and Beyond
•    Weather around the World
•    Time Detectives
•    Pictures/Painting and Photos
•    Significant People in British History

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