Music Introduction

“Music happens to be an art form that transcends language.” Herbie Hancock

Creativity, confidence, focus and communication are all wonderful benefits from making music. The joy that it brings and its capacity to enhance all our lives, is key to the ethos of Coventry Performing Arts.

With close and long-standing relationships the Coventry’s schools, CPAS provides high quality tuition and performance opportunities to the residents of the city.

Whole Class Ensembles (WCET), Instrumental lessons, Orchestras, Bands and Ensembles have enriched the lives of thousands of performers and audiences!

From school hall to Symphony Hall, dedicated musicians from CPAS and the Coventry Music Hub, work to provide the highest levels of learning and performance across the region.

Our varied programme includes

  • Foundation Music
  • Curriculum Support KS1/2
  • Curriculum Support KS3/4
  • Vocal
  • Wider Opportunities
  • World Music