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Coventry Schools’ Mornings of Music

An annual event in the Coventry Primary Schools calendar is the Mornings of Music. Pupils from across the city spend the Spring term preparing a range of songs with instrumental parts, coming together during three weeks at the end of the term to share their music. We recently had a Time theme with some songs specially written to commemorate the role of Coventry in the development of watchmaking over the years. “Watchmaker” is a song about the watchmakers of Chapelfields. The older children had composed a piece of music inspired by the factory workers at Rotherhams in Earlsdon.

Over the years Mornings of Music have developed into the single largest event in which pupils will participate during their primary school years.

This year over 5000 Primary and Special school pupils has gathered in 31 different venues to share the six songs they have been learning. A team of three – Katherine Fear from Coventry Performing Arts, Chris Smith from the Advisory Service and Paul Madia from Sacred Heart School – have written and arranged all the music which is presented in a booklet and teaching CD (with web-based Powerpoints) as support to the class teachers. A team of expert teachers lead the Mornings, and back-up is also provided on a number of levels from Coventry Performing Arts.

The excitement of the children when the Morning arrived was felt throughout the schools, with most opting to dress up both pupils and school halls for the occasion!

Many pupils remember the event as one of the key moments in their Primary education, and schools can re-use the resources for future projects. Recent themes have included The Wild West, Winter Olympics and Transport. Preparations for next year’s Morning of Music are already underway. The theme for 2014 will be “Materials”, so there will be lots of opportunities for incorporating science-based songs, plus exploring the qualities of sound and making percussion instruments.

The pupils would also be offered the opportunity to participate in the Big Sing. Big Sing was held at the Albany Theatre. This was a big scale singing event where over 1000 children participated in the 2 performances. Schools who participated in the Mornings of Music program had this additional opportunity to all come together to perform songs that they have learned with the support of a Live Band! It was wonderful to see so many children singing and performing the actions to the songs with enthusiasm and joy! It was an exciting day for all involved.

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