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Instrumental Tuition

“Regular partnerships are well established, benefiting all pupils. Instrumental/Vocal programmes and lessons are an integral part of music provision” Generic Grade Descriptors – Quality of leadership in, and management of music, Ofsted 2014

Playing a musical instrument can provide an experience and a skill that can stay with us all of our lives. As well as opening a door to a wealth of exciting opportunities of concerts and travel, it provides a genuine sense of personal achievement, develops self esteem and other huge social benefits. It is, most importantly… fun.

CPA offers a wide range of instrumental tuition, provided by highly skilled practitioners. Lessons range from individual sessions to large group delivery to meet the varied needs throughout Coventry’s schools. Instruments are provided by CPA free of charge.

Many of our students perform in school groups, orchestras and CPA ensembles with styles ranging from classical to pop and rock.

The full range of instruments available can be found in the SLA document provided to your school. Alternatively you are welcome to contact us direct with any enquiries.

 “Class teachers and specialist instrumental teachers working together will be able to offer well-planned progressive experiences with high expectations. This will enable all pupils to succeed.” National Plan for Music Education 2011, Department for Education and Department for Culture, Media and Sport


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