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What is Foundation Music?

Foundation Stage Music is for children aged 3-5 and provides an exciting opportunity for children to work together, sharing ideas in a creative environment. During each weekly session, expressive song and dance will be the driving force which will help to plant the seeds of sensitivity, imagination and musicality in both infants and toddlers.
Foundation Stage Music sessions will give your children the opportunity to:

  • Sing simple songs from memory
  • Learn to recognise repeated sounds and sound patterns
  • Match movement to music
  • Learn how sounds can be changed
  • Explore using a variety of percussion instruments
  • Use their voices expressively and confidently
  • Develop social skills through collaboration and enjoyment
  • Explore mood through music and movement
  • Share ideas in a creative environment

To book a Foundation Project please complete the form at the back of this leaflet and send back to the Performing Arts Service office.

By the end of the EYFS pupil should:

“Express and communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings by using a widening range of movement and a variety of songs and musical instruments”

“Recognise and explore how sounds can be changed, sing simple songs from memory, recognise repeated sounds and sound patterns and match movements to music”

National Plan for Music Education (Department for Education/Department for Culture, Media and Sport)


CPA members of staff can work with you to deliver an appropriate topic that could support your curriculum.


Foundation Dance and Movement

…is also available. Please contact Alexis Haines by email or you can contact her on telephone number 024 7678 8575 to discuss further.


6 weeks: 

  • 30 minute sessions – Total £142.50
  • 45 minute sessions – Total £213.75

12 weeks:    

  • 30 minute sessions – Total £285
  • 45 minute sessions – Total £427.50


To book this course please fill out our booking form here

Or contact the CPA office:
Phone: 02476 788575