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Music Curriculum Support KS3/KS4

In-class support for your Music National Curriculum delivery

Current Packages

Coventry Performing Arts (CPA) is able to offer a number of packages to support the delivery of music at your school in Key Stage 3 & 4.

CPA has developed a range of programmes that can support  secondary schools in responding to the demands and expectations of the developing national agenda.

“Hubs shall support all schools in improving the music education that they provide ,especially in class lessons, and support them in evaluating it robustly” Music in Schools; What Hubs must do (Ofsted 2013)

Ofsted Triennial Report

“By some way, secondary school students  musical achievement was weakest in Key Stage 3. There were very few lessons where students made outstanding progress.” Music in school: wider still, and wider Quality and inequality in music education 2008-2011

“Every child aged 5-18 should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (other than voice)through whole class ensemble teaching programmes for ideally a year of weekly tuition on the same instrument.” (Department for Education/ Department for Culture, Media and Sport)
A National Plan for Music Education

Music Technology

The demand from young people to be able to utilise the full resources of music technology to support their music-making is growing. CPA staff will be able to provide leadership in the development of young people’s creative skills through music technology. The basics of sound recording will also be covered in what is an exciting enhancement to a school’s music curriculum offer.

Performing Arts (PPA)

A specialist CPA Music practitioner can deliver your Music curriculum requirements whilst your class teacher has their PPA time. There will be an expectation of ongoing professional dialogue with schools throughout the academic year concerning:

  • Whole School Behaviour Policy
  • Behaviour Management Issues
  • TA Support
  • TA/PAS staff monitoring of progression/attainment/achievement

Secondary Band

“Music Hubs can challenge and support school leaders to bring the  numerous benefits of a good music education to all pupils ,not simply the few who choose ,or who have the resources, to specialise in the subject or an instrument .” Music in Schools; What Hubs must do (Ofsted 2013)

  • A one year programme of tuition through whole-class wind band and an effective strategy for broadening instrumental opportunities at your school.
  • A CPA specialist working alongside the classroom teachers to deliver the lessons
  • National Curriculum delivered through the learning of the instrument
  • Free training sessions for school staff

The programme has achieved national recognition including a presentation to the All Parliamentary group for Music Education at the House of Commons in January 2012.

Wider Opportunities

  • A development  of the successful Key Stage 2 programme of whole-class instrumental delivery  for Key Stage 3
  • A one year programme of whole-class instrumental tuition
  • A PAS specialist working alongside the class teacher to deliver the Music National Curriculum to a Key Stage 3 class
  • Whole- class learning the same instrument (two in some instances)

Please contact the CPA office to discuss in more detail how these programmes can be delivered in your schools.

G.C.S.E Music, B.Tec (Performing Arts), Creative and Media Diploma

The vast array of skills found within the Performing Arts staff can be utilised to enhance the delivery of your Key Stage 4 examination programme.
If there is a particular aspect of a course that a school feels could benefit from specialist input (songwriting, composition, recording, music technology, ensemble and rock band work etc) CPA will be able to provide that support for the year, for a term or even for a one off visit if that is what is required.
Please telephone for further details of any project, or to discuss specific requirements or request an alternative package/theme.

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Or contact the CPA office:
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