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Music Curriculum Support KS1/KS2

Current Packages

  • A full year of support for your Foundation, Key Stage 1 or 2 classes.
  • A CPA specialist working alongside the class teacher to deliver the Music National Curriculum at Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
  • A 12 week package of support delivering Music lessons to suit a variety of needs, e.g. Easter term delivery of the Morning of Music scheme, topic-based themes such as Victorians, Minibeasts and preparation for an end of term performance.
  • Tailored packages for Special Schools  – please telephone to arrange a discussion.
  • A CPA specialist delivering Music tuition independently to your classes, enabling PPA time to be covered.
  • Bespoke support can be negotiated on a school by school basis.

Keystage 1 & 2

Key Stage 1 and 2 Music sessions will give your pupils the opportunity to:

  • Perform, compose and notate their own music.
  • Develop an understanding of musical elements, e.g. pitch, tempo, etc.
  • Analyse and compare sounds and performances.
  • Listen to music from a range of cultures and eras, and produce sounds in different ways including the use of ICT
  • Where appropriate, musical skills will be explored through activities which support general classroom themes.

Partnership in Performing Arts (PPA)

A specialist CPA music practitioner can deliver your music curriculum requirements whilst your class teacher has their PPA time.

There will be an expectation of ongoing professional dialogue with schools throughout the academic year concerning:

  • Whole School Behaviour Policy
  • Behaviour Management Issues
  • TA Support
  • TA/CPA staff monitoring of progression/attainment/achievement

Mornings of Music

An annual event in the Coventry Primary Schools calendar is the Mornings of Music. Pupils from across the city spend the Spring term preparing a range of songs (usually around a common theme) with instrumental parts, coming together during three weeks at the end of term to share their music.

This year over 5000 Primary and Special school pupils gathered in 32 different venues to share the six songs they have been learning. A team of expert teachers lead the Mornings and back-up is also provided on a number of levels from Coventry Performing Arts including a range of specifically written songs and teaching resources.

A popular recent addition to the programme is the staging of the Big Sing event at The Albany Theatre where all the pupils who have learned the Mornings of Music songs have the opportunity to come together and perform with a live band.  This year over 1000 children filled The Albany Theatre with their singing.

“This is a wonderful morning and gives the children a fantastic experience which schools could not otherwise provide on their own” –  Coventry Primary Headteacher

Music Technology

The demand from young people to be able to utilise the full resources of music technology to support their music-making is growing.

CPA staff will be able to provide leadership in the development of young people’s creative skills through music technology.

The basics of sound recording will also be covered in what is an exciting enhancement to a school’s music curriculum offer.

Whole Class Keyboard

CPA is also able to offer whole-class or large-group tuition on Keyboard in support of your Music
Curriculum lessons.

Pupils will learn how sounds are created and manipulated on their instrument and will play simple melodies to a steady pulse and in time with the rest of the class using a range of five notes.  They will progress to more challenging pieces using eight notes plus some sharps and flats.

Pupils will learn note values and single-fingered chords, progressing to full chords in their left hand.

What are the benefits?


Pupils will develop the skills of co-ordination, co-operation, collaboration and teamwork as they seek to produce a skilled performance.

They will learn to read basic music from notation as well as how to work out songs by ear.


Pupils will learn how to compose simple melodies and accompaniments, and begin to write their ideas down using symbols and notation.


Pupils will learn to listen carefully, and develop their aural memory by trying to memorise and play/sing back short phrases of music.


Pupils will have the opportunity to record, and analyse their own and others’ performances.

Please telephone for further details of any project, or to discuss specific requirements or request an alternative package/theme.


1 hour Package for 36 weeks = £1710.00
1 hour Package for 12 weeks = £570.00

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Phone: 02476 788575