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Boys’ Dance

Coventry Performing Arts is excited to announce our new boys dance project KAPOW! Led by two highly experienced male dance artists.

A separate West Midland based project called ‘Boys Dancing’ evidenced the positive impact Dance has on boys.  In their documentation entitled ‘Impact and legacy of the Quiet Man Suite’ they found dance addressed the following issues that boy and young men can find challenging:

Boys Dance91% of boys felt proud because they had been part of the project
86% realised that dance is also for boys
80% realised that they, as individuals, can dance
80% developed their fitness
83% felt inspired by the dance artists

Boys dance also addresses the following issues that
boys and young men find can find challenging:

•    Teamwork skills
•    Coordination skills
•    Co-operation
•    Listening skills
•    Communication skills


Inspired by superheroes and adventure movies, KAPOW! will harness the energy of the boys and challenge them physically, socially and emotionally in a positive way.  Using a combination of Martial Arts, Urban Dance, Drama and Break moves to create movement.

Our dance artist will deliver high quality hour-long weekly dance sessions at your school.  These sessions will work towards a performance with satellite school groups.  Our Dance artists will also perform a duet on the evening.

We are targeting boys in year 5 and 6, but are happy to discuss other year groups and after school slots are available.

It is our vision to profile Boys’ Dance in Coventry. Be part of it!


8 workshops @ £47.50ph + 1 rehearsal @ £47.50 + 1 performance @ £47.50 
Total cost = £475

To book this course please fill out our booking form here

Or contact the CPA office:
Phone: 02476 788575