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Frequently asked questions


Does all PAS tuition run for 34 weeks?

No. Curriculum Support/Class Band run for 36 sessions and not 34 weeks and therefore teaching will take place during Live Performance Week for these activities

PAS also provides PPA (Partnership in Performing Arts) cover which runs for 38 weeks so teaching will take place from first full week in September on every available day throughout the Academic Year subject to absence.

What is a Contingency Day?

A Contingency Day is a day set aside in the PAS teacher’s calendar to enable them to make up missed sessions due to sickness/school cancellations etc.

All teachers receive this time, but depending how many lessons need making up by your regular teacher across their whole timetable will determine if a different teacher will carry out these make up sessions for your pupil’s. You will be advised in advance if your teacher will be different to the regular teacher

What is a Live Performance Week?

Live Performance weeks are two weeks set aside for teachers to perform rather than teach, so children can experience the thrill of Live Performance. Where a teacher is not performing they will support making up either their own or another teacher’s teaching.

What happens if a PAS teacher is absent?

Whole Class Session – When a PAS teacher is absent from a whole class session, the Service will always try to provide a supply teacher to deliver the same lesson being missed eg Whole Class Violin at the same time as planned. When this is not possible PAS may be able to offer an alternate session eg World Percussion Workshop at the same time or look to deliver the session later on in the week on another day.

When a mutual day/time cannot be agreed PAS will look to make up the missed session during Live Performance week or on a Contingency Day

Instrumental Session – When a PAS teacher is absent from an instrumental session, cover will not be immediately provided. PAS deliver 34 weeks over 38 weeks and therefore there are opportunities for these sessions to be made up. Should there be multiple absences or an absence later in the year when the opportunities to make up the session have passed, PAS will seek to provide cover.

What happens if the school need to cancel a session?

With Notice – In a number of instances the school will know some time in advance that a session needs to be cancelled. This could be a Teacher Training Day, SATS, Sports Day etc. In these instances the more notice you give our teacher the greater the opportunity they have of organising a swap with another school during that week so a lesson takes place, where this is not possible a plan for making up the session on a Contingency Day or during Live Performance week can be put in place.

With No Notice – We are aware snow closures, utility issues and strike days are often at short notice and therefore alternate provision is impossible to pre-plan. In these instances if the PAS office can be notified on telephone number 024 7678 8575, we can ensure all our teachers visiting the school are notified and we can begin work with them and yourselves on rescheduling the lesson to an alternative date which could be later that week or on a contingency date.

In these instances if a session cannot be made up the school will still be charged

Can I have the contact number for my PAS teacher to advise about a cancelled session?

We are unable to give out personal contact details to a school due to Data Protection but we will ask that they contact you directly. The PAS can also pass on messages to teachers on behalf of the school eg Cancellations


How much should we charge parents for instrumental lessons?

This will depend on the amount of school subsidy that will be provided and how the school/parents wish there lessons to be delivered.

PAS provides charging guidance relating to group sizes , and can work with the school to develop a charging model, but the final decision will remain with the school depending on subsidies