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PAS Direct

PAS encourages all students learning a musical instrument to have their lessons in school. The reasons for this are:

  • Opportunity to learn with others
  • Learn with individuals of similar abilities and age
  • Opportunities to join in school orchestras and ensembles
  • Opportunities to perform
  • The school may support the funding of the lessons.

Sometimes this is not always possible and as a result we use PAS direct

What is PAS Direct?

PAS Direct is tuition that is delivered to students and directly charged to parents rather than schools

When would we use PAS Direct?

PAS Direct is used in the following circumstances

  • To enable a student to continue with the tuition, they were previously learning eg Learning an instrument at Primary School which is no longer available at Secondary School
  • A student’s school is stopping instrumental lessons in school
  • The school doesn’t offer the activity the child wishes to learn

Prior to starting any PAS Direct tuition we will discuss the lessons with the schools to see if the lesson can be offered in School

Where does PAS direct take place?

Where possible we will try to arrange it in the student’s school so that travel is kept to a minimum. However, by the fact that it is PAS Direct the school might not be willing to accommodate this. As a result we will work with a parent to establish the best location for the lesson to minimise travel, keep hire costs to a minimum and ensure a teacher can be timetabled. As charges for rooms do vary, it may be that the room is charged as part of the lesson also.

How much does PAS Direct Cost?

PAS direct costs £20.75 for a 30 minute individual lesson, and PAS will deliver 34 lessons per year. As mentioned in certain circumstances PAS may also have to pass on the cost of the venue

How do I apply for PAS Direct

Please complete the attached application form.

If possible PAS will try and encourage the school to provide the lessons for the reasons above prior to a PAS Direct lesson starting.