PAS Charging

Lessons in Schools

PAS charges schools for all the work it delivers in schools except PAS Ensembles/Groups and PAS Direct lessons.

Any charges passed onto parents are at the discretion of the individual school.

PAS Ensembles and Groups

Where possible PAS tries to keep these costs to a minimum, and to encourage students to begin playing in these groups all starter groups are Free of Charge.

These groups are:

  • Area Band – Stoke Heath
  • Area Band – Radford
  • Training String Orchestra
  • Fretwork (Guitar Group)
  • Soundboard (Guitar Group)
  • Park Hill String Orchestra

Other groups excluding CYO are charged on the basis of £1 per hour for a 30 week year.

Youth Orchestra have separate billing arrangements as a partner organisation.

PAS Direct

PAS direct are lessons offered to students who cannot access lessons via their school, these sessions are 30 minutes per week, and are charged on the basis of £20 per week. These prices reflect a 30 minute individual lesson.

Instrument Hire

Instrument hire is Free of Charge in most instances.

However, charges may be made in certain circumstances, these are:

  • Lessons not being taught via a PAS tutor
  • Child attends a Private School eg Bablake
  • Child is using two instruments, one at school and one provided at home as it is not portable eg Drum Kit

Remissions Policy

PAS provides remissions for its Ensembles and Groups when the parent qualifies for certain benefits. Please see our remissions policy for further details.