Graded Music Exams

Students learning a musical instrument can access graded examinations for their specific instrument.

Coventry Performing Arts administer these and process entries on a termly basis for the following Exam Boards

  • Trinity
  • University of West London

Should you wish your child to follow a course of graded exams please put a note in your child’s Practice Diary for the CPA teacher to read.

The CPA teacher should respond detailing either

  • When an exam may be possible eg Next Round of Exams, Another 3 – 6 months learning
  • Why an exam might not be possible at this point – eg The child is not achieving the right level currently and therefore entering them currently will result in a likely fail or low level pass
  • Why an exam might not be possible for another reason eg the repertoire being followed does not match the criteria/syllabus for the exam board.