Parent Zone Drama

Equality and Diversity Statement and Policy

The Performing Arts Service is committed to implementing the Coventry City Council Equal Opportunities policy as stated below.

‘Coventry Performing Arts Service recognises that equality and diversity includes responding to issues around race, ethnicity, faith, disability, age, gender, sexuality, class and economic disadvantage and any social and institutional barriers which prevent people from participating in and enjoying the arts. We will celebrate diversity positively, with all the artistic and creative opportunities it offers.’


Coventry City Council – Equal Opportunities Policy

This policy replaces Coventry City Council’s previous equality policies.

The commitment made in this policy is delivered through the City Council’s Equality Strategy, which brings together all the City Council’s equalities activities in one place.

The policy is designed to ensure that there is a consistent approach across the authority to all areas of equalities work and will be reviewed in three years.


1 – Our Policy

1.1       Coventry City Council believes that:

  • everybody should have an equal opportunity to contribute to and benefit from society
  • a diverse community is a positive asset to the City

1.2       Coventry City Council recognises that people still experience inequality in society because of their background. The City Council will therefore not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of age, breastfeeding, civil partnership, disability or impairment, employment, gender, gender reassignment, home address, marital status, maternity, nationality, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion or belief, responsibility for dependants, sexual orientation or trade union membership.

1.3       The Council will lead by example. It will take active steps to challenge prejudice, discrimination and harassment and will identify equality objectives to promote social justice and equality of opportunity.

1.4      This Policy will underpin all decisions taken by the Council and all actions by its employees.

2 – Employment

2.1       As the largest employer in the City, the Council will:

  • Demonstrate its commitment to equality in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, career development, pay, training, promotion and welfare
  • Monitor and report on its workforce and take positive action with a view to ensuring that its workforce at all levels reflects the communities it serves
  • Inform all employees of this Policy and of their rights to protection from discrimination, harassment or victimisation including perceived and associated discrimination.
  • Treat failure to comply with this Policy as a disciplinary offence
  • Ensure employees attend agreed training programmes
  • Promote flexible working policies and practices

 3 – Service Delivery

3.1       The Council provides services both directly and by working with other organisations. It will promote equality of opportunity for local people by:

  • Providing accessible information about the services available to them
  • Undertaking equality analysis to determine if there is any impact for equalities on its policies and activities
  • Delivering services in ways which are appropriate to service user needs and, whenever possible, removing barriers which may deny access or cause offence
  • Using its powers to ensure that organisations providing services on its behalf operate in accordance with the aims of this Policy
  • Promoting widely the availability of the Council’s Complaints system to ensure people know how to raise issues about services

 4 – Information, Consultation & Involvement

4.1      Effective information, consultation and involvement are essential to the success of this Policy. The Council will therefore:

  • Inform, consult and involve a wide range of people including employees and stakeholders about decisions which affect them so that they can influence policies and practices
  • Ensure that people from different backgrounds are able to fully participate in consultation and involvement activities
  • Give people a voice by promoting involvement in decision making

5 – Implementation

5.1       To ensure the effectiveness of this Policy, the Council will:

  • Set equality outcomes and monitor progress against them
  • Consider the equal opportunities implications of policy decisions, budget cuts, service redesign and efficiency savings
  • Identify barriers that prevent equal access to services and take measures to address them
  • Monitor the composition of its workforce and the take-up of its services and take positive action to redress inequalities.
  • Report progress made against the Equality Framework for Local Government

6 – Accountability

6.1       The Cabinet Member whose portfolio covers equalities issues will be responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the policy and for recommending changes and improvements necessary to the Cabinet.

6.2      The Chief Executive will hold Directors accountable for taking steps to ensure that this Policy is promoted, understood and implemented by Council employees. The Council’s Management Board will take overall responsibility for maximising progress towards a more inclusive society.

6.3       All employees of Coventry City Council are accountable and responsible for taking steps to promote the Equal Opportunities policy in their day to day work.