As part of the Coventry Music Education Hubs objectives, we provide support to children’s Music education through an instrument hire service.

If your child is having a whole class instrumental lesson in school, an instrument will be made available to them weekly free of charge to support the classroom lesson.

Should your child wish to expand on their whole class lesson through additional lessons or joining an after school orchestra it is possible for them to hire an instrument assuming they continue the lessons with Performing Arts Service

In order to do this you must complete the instrument hire form online. Completing the form will be will be subject to reading and accepting the terms and conditions relating to the hire due to loss or damage.

These hires are again free of charge providing

  • You are having an instrumental lesson through the Coventry Music Education Hub


  • You attend one of the Ensembles run through PAS on behalf of the Coventry Music Education Hub

Also to qualify for a free hire, the following criteria must be met

  • The instrument you are hiring relates to the tuition you are receiving or the orchestra you are attending eg If you are having Violin lessons you would hire a violin and not a guitar
  • You are only using one instrument and not two. This applies to larger instruments which are not portable and therefore you use one instrument at school and then a different one at home eg Drum Kit

PAS charges for instrument hires that do not meet the above criteria. The rate is currently £40 per term

These hires are subject to the instrument required being available from stock.

Short term hires are available on request and will not only attract a hire charge but also a deposit

Should you wish to purchase your own instrument PAS supports the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme which enables children to own an instrument.