Music Private Tuition Enrolment Form

Please read through the terms and conditions below and then fill in the enrolment form…

Terms and Conditions


There will be 34 lessons in each academic year, within school term times. Timetables should be agreed with your tutor. Parents are responsible for advising their child’s tutor of any cancellations regardless of reason including when the venue cancels. Special dispensation on fees due to medical grounds should be requested from the PAS Head of the Service. If PAS are unable to deliver the contracted number of lessons by the end of the academic year, you will be credited for the shortfall in lessons.


This is an annual agreement, by signing this agreement you are committing your child to 34 lessons. Should you wish withdraw from these lessons at any point during the year, you will still be responsible for meeting the costs of the tuition for the rest of the academic year.


Payments for lessons are required termly in advance. Invoices will be sent out by ½ term during the autumn term and at the beginning of the Spring and Summer terms. Payment of invoices must be made within 14 days of the invoice date. Failure to pay the invoices may lead to the lessons being withdrawn and will also result in an additional charge in lieu of notice.


Remissions are available in some circumstances for all or part of the fees charged. Please call the PAS office for further assistance.


On the application form we request the mobile number and email address of the student. These are the preferred methods of contacting students at short notice to notify them of changes to these classes/cancellations etc. All these messages will also be sent to parents/guardians to notify you of the changes.

We hope that pupils will enjoy their lessons and join one of the many PAS ensembles so that they can play with other young players of similar ability. Information is available from your child’s tutor or the PAS office. Tutors will issue a Practice Diary which can be used for communication between the tutor and parents /guardians. A report on progress will be issued annually.