Coventry Performing Arts Music

Message from the chair

G.Willcocks - photographI have always considered it a deep privilege to Chair the Coventry Music Education Hub. To play an active role in the crucial work of helping to nurture the development this vital organisation has been a very special experience. However, as a relatively new set of organisations Music Education Hubs are still in the process of development. This development is marked by the collective desire of all Music Education Hub partners to play their part in delivering the highest quality music education experience to our children and young people. In this respect to be part of the Coventry Music Education Hub has been particularly exciting. Its innovative work with schools and partners has lead to national recognition and praise and the positive impact that this work has can be felt right across the city on a daily basis. The blend of partners on the Coventry Music Education Hub, from schools to professional orchestras, from local venues to international corporations will ensure that as our Music Education Hub grows and develops, it does so with a confidence that comes from the support, guidance and input of the best possible professional and musical experience and knowledge. The musical heritage of the city of Coventry is enviable and the Coventry Music Education Hub is dedicated to ensuring that future generations of Coventry musicians play their part in the continuation of this proud history.

Dr Geoff Willcocks  BA, PhD, FRSA

Director of Arts and Culture
Chair of Coventry Music Education Hub
Coventry University